Cajun Aces

A tasty website for Food Network’s Louisiana natives.

We worked with husband and wife chefs Cody and Sam Carroll to launch the online companion to their Food Network series Cajun Aces. The goal was to provide a platform to connect with their audience and share recipes and stories.

Seasonal Items

We developed a custom website built on Craft CMS which made managing recipes and articles for the season a breeze. Content was created in advance and scheduled to publish as each episode was set to air.

A Cooking Companion

We worked with Food Network and the Cajun Aces team to collect and publish recipes Cody and Sam prepared on each episode. The result is a comprehensive resource with tasty Louisiana staples that viewers can cook at home. Like the rest of the site, each recipe is formatted to work great on any device — referring to a recipe from a phone or tablet while cooking is simple.

    Built to Grow

    The site is built on a flexible and customizable foundation — allowing us to expand and roll out new features over time. We’re currently gathering data to build out an online co-op that connects farmers with customers eager to buy local.

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    Services provided

    • Craft CMS integration
    • Responsive web design
    • Search engine optimization
    • User experience design
    • Web strategy consulting