Iverstine Farms Butcher

An all-natural fun and educational website for Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s favorite farm to shop butcher.

We worked with the folks at Iverstine Farms to relaunch their website in coordination with the opening of their retail butcher shop. The goal was to provide a fun and educational resource to compliment their refreshed branding and retail environment.

Seasonal menu

Everyone loves a good deli sandwich, so we made a simple menu that the folks at the shop can keep updated as the seasons change. Patrons check in often to see what’s new and delicious.

Know your meat

For the meat curious, we put together an educational interactive diagram of each animal produced by the shop. Brief descriptions and preferred cooking methods are shown for each cut and recipes will be added in the future.

    Order up

    Orders are placed online in the fall to cater tailgates and fullfill Thanksgiving turkeys. Customers pay deposits online and the shop gets nice reports so they can easily fullfill orders when it’s time.

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    Services provided

    • Responsive web design
    • Stripe payment processing
    • Instagram API integration
    • Craft CMS integration
    • Search engine optimization